Windows Home Server Power Pack 1 – RTM

Power Pack 1 – Come and get it!, that’s what the WHS team blog says. Power Pack 1 has been released to manufacturing and can now be downloaded from the Microsoft Download Center.

PS. If you had previously installed the Release Candidate, then you’ll need to un-install this first and if your just lazy and have windows update enabled for your server, then you should receive it automatically some time in August.

Windows Home Server Power Pack 1 Release Candidate

Well, I’ve been away on vacation for a week and I’ve come back to find that the release candidate of Power Pack 1 is now available. So I’ve just finished upgrading my server and performing the first backup of my Vista x64 laptop 🙂 using the new x64 WHS Connector software, needless to say, this took a long time as a first backup (of a 250GB drive over wifi) but at least it all worked.

Minor FireflyWHS update

Just a quick post to let you all know I have made a small update to the FireflyWHS setting plug-in to fix a problem reported over at the Firefly Media Server forums. In certain situations the plug-in would say that the Firefly service would need to be restarted, even though no changes had been made to it’s configuration, hopefully this is now fixed. Take a look at the bottom of my FireflyWHS page for the download link.