Ok, well I thought I better post an update since there has been nothing since last Wednesday. My parents were visiting over the weekend so I was fairly busy and didn’t get much time on the PC. The weather has been really good recently and over the weekend we managed to get into Portsmouth for a spot of shopping, went to TGI Fridays (Fareham), visited Pam and John’s new house in Hedge End, went to Whiteley Village Outlet Shopping and visited the Cormorant in Portchester for Sunday lunch.

I’ve just received an email from Alistair, saying:

I’ve just read:

…you’ll all see some posts from my wonderful wife (or maybe not).

Does this mean that your wife may not be wonderful? 😉

So i better just clarify that i mean maybe she wont post anything and NOT maybe she isn’t wonderful. Of course she’s wonderful.

I just logged onto blogger to add Julie as a member who can post to this blog, but i even managed to mess that up and send the invite email twice. Anyway maybe you’ll all see some posts from my wonderful wife (or maybe not).

Well now the template seems to be more or less complete i guess i need to come up with some decent links and a little bit of info about myself, but until then i think you should all take a look at this excellent site by my best man, Alistair Campbell, no not the politician.

Ok, i’ve figured it out with a bit of help form Matt, so my blogger link at the bottom of the page is now active and stays black and also the image is linked with no border (thanks Gary).

I’ve had a play with Dreamweaver MX this morning and i think i’ve sorted out the tables for my template and got the sizing just about right. I’ve added a link to blogger.com at the bottom of the page, but it’s not a hyperlink yet, i know it’s trivial to make it one, but i dont want it to go purple (or whatever colour IE uses) after it’s been clicked and i haven’t found out how to do that yet.

I also need to add the blogger Archieve tages and info tages into my template, but at least the main log is there and working now.

Well it’s Monday morning and i’m sat here thinking exactly how i need to build the tables for my HTML template, I think i’ve figured it out, but i’m going to need the help of a WYSIWYG HTML editor to get this right, so i’m off to do some research onto which has the best support for table design.

Well i’m finally getting to grips with the template for my blog. Still needs a lot of work and i’ll have to put a link to blogger.com and maybe even included there logo at the bottom of the page.

At least i’ve got something to do when i got bored at work now 🙂