Source Code

I’ve been too busy recently to work on my own projects, and so as I have been unable to give them any support I have decided to open source them and upload the source tree’s to github.

I’ve played with Subversion and Team Foundation Server at home, but having the repositories locally doesn’t exactly fill me with confidence in case of hard disk failure (even though I have backups on my WHS box).

So now I have decided to experiment with Git, and to that end I have uploaded the source for my System Restore Explorer and EMV Card Browser projects on to github.

I can’t guarantee they are in a completely buildable state, but I have included the VS2010 solutions and WiX projects. If and when I do get some time I will certainly update the Git repositories and make sure they are in a buildable state.

So for anyone interested please take a look here:

Read Chip & PIN / EMV Card

Recently I’ve been working on a tool to allow you to read the contents of the chip on your Chip & PIN / EMV card and to decode some of the values. A lot of the information wont mean much without reading lots of long and complicated specs. But for anyone who’s interested and who has access to a PC/SC complient smart card reader on Windows here’s an example of the data that can be read.

EMV Card Browser

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