I know, I’ve gone mad this evening, well i just got everything moved over to new servers, i get much more of a buzz from doing the server configuration work than actually posting anything meaningful

Well today was a quiet day in the office, i guess it’s because all of my colleagues over the pond were celebrating independence day

Well it’s time for my now legendary bi-annual post!

This weekend is Stanstock, the great camping expedition, where Me, Dave, Graeme, Stan, Phil, Steve and possibly others pitch up in a field near Worcester and drink lots of beer and cook lots of meet and talk complete bollocks.

My wifes going to love it when i get home Sunday evening with a hippy beard (a bit like our new Student at work has) and stinking of wood smoke.

Let’s hope the weather for the weekend stays good, The Beeb reckons it’s going to be ok.

I was thinking of waiting a full year before I posted again, but after some careful consideration, I’ve decided just to go for the 6 month wait. I mean what’s the point in having a blog if you only post once a year.

I’m off skiing at the weekend with some of my pals, The weather is looking a bit snowy:
BBC – Turin
Snow Report – Vars

I hope the sun comes out after it’s snowed, because me and Ali are used to tropical skiing

Today I installed Windows Codename Longhorn / Windows Vista Beta 1, most of you reading probably haven’t got a clue what i’m talking about, but you will understand in a years time. Basically it’s a very early test release of the next version of Windows…

Just to let you all know as of next Friday (05/08/05) I will be changing ISP and there will inevitable be some down time for this website as it is moved oved to my new webspace and I updated all the things that need updating.

Just a quick post to let you all know me and the wife have been on holiday in Turkey, but were back now.

I really should make more effort with this website, but hey, i should probably make more effort with lots of other things too