3GB or 4GB

I recently bought some more memory for my laptop, mainly ‘just because’. I mean there was nothing really wrong with 2GB, but memory is so cheap at the moment…

Anyway, after removing the panel on the bottom of the laptop and removing the old memory, I inserted the new 2GB SO-DIMM’s and now I have 4GB, or do I?

I already had an idea from reading around I had done and also the experience of my boss, that I was only going to be able to see 3GB of RAM, however to my surprise Vista SP1 reported that I had 4GB 🙂 This is a new useless feature of SP1, however it can still only use 3GB 🙁

So I have taken the plunge and installed Vista x64, so far so good, but why oh why are there 2 ‘Program Files’. I mean I understand the reason behind this, but there just seems to be a random mismatch of both x86 and x64 binaries in both folders 🙁 So they might as well all be in one place in my opinion.

So now I better see if I can build some x64 native binaries 😉

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