Well all my regular visitors (ha, like i actually have any) will of noticed that the Archive’s are working now, also if you are acidentaly still using the old www.nicbedford.com URL then i have a redirection page that will bring you here and break out of the old cloaked redirection page. As i’ve already mentioned the SSI have helped loads, it’s also meant that i no longer need to store a complex template file on www.blogger.com. I now have a simple template that generates blog.html and then #includes that on the main index file, seems to work quite well, this also means that all the archives are simple and uncomplicated too.

I guess i’ve found the true purpose of my blog, it’s to help me learn HTML and all thing web. I’ll be playing more with the SSI and Javascript over the next few week’s and also hopefully be adding content as i go. Hmm, this post is getting a little long now, so i think i’ll stop typing.

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